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Just after midnight on Tuesday, October 9, 1984, Constable William James Grant observed an automobile being driven in an erratic manner. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped off with Constable Grant in pursuit. The driver was a nineteen year old from Thornhill. He had stolen the family car following an argument with his girlfriend.
The vehicle proceeded northbound on Kennedy Road at a high rate of speed and quickly outdistanced Constable Grant's cruiser. The suspect turned the car around, turned off the headlights, and rammed the front of the patrol car. When dispatch could not raise Constable Grant on the radio, fellow officers frantically searched for their comrade until they found the collision scene.
Twenty-six year old Constable William Grant died of massive internal injuries as a result of the collision. His assailant escaped the accident unharmed but took the dead Constable's revolver and shot himself in a nearby field.
Constable Grant joined York Regional Police in April of 1980. He was an exemplary officer in every way. He loved his job and was enthusiastic about his work. Bill was also a great family man. He left behind his wife Susan and his nineteen month old daughter Lara. Two weeks after his death, Constable Grant's second child, William James Grant, was born.