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Regional Police Service. Our Website features information about our Association, our activities in the
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CPA - Robert Warner Memorial Fund

The CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund is a joint endeavor between the Canadian Police Association and Paystation Inc. The Memorial Fund distributes an immediate, one-time financial assistance payment to the families of officers who lose their lives in the line of duty.

How to Help
There are a number of ways that you can help grow the Fund so the financial assistance is there when it is needed:
Send a Pass It On email to tell others about the Memorial Fund and how every cheque order adds $10!
Organizing and/or hosting your own local events to help raise money for the Fund and raise awareness about the Fund
Submitting your own donations. You can send your donation to:
CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund
c/o Canadian Police Association
100-141, rue Catherine Street
Ottawa ON   K2P 1C3
Please make your cheques payable to: CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund.
Make a donation on-line through our secure form: https://www.cpa-acp.ca/donations/donations_e.aspx