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In the early morning hours of August 2, 2007, plainclothes surveillance officers were conducting an investigation in the Toronto and Markham areas when they observed two vehicles, a white Honda and a gold Honda, leave a Toronto address. The gold Honda was believed to be stolen however it had not yet been reported. The two vehicles were driven to the area of Ascot Crescent and Harvest Moon Drive in the Town of Markham where they were parked on Ascot Crescent. The driver of the gold Honda was observed opening the driver’s side door and removing the airbag. At approximately 5 a.m. the surveillance team moved in to arrest the accused. Constable Plunkett moved towards the open driver’s side door of the Honda to arrest the driver. As he tried to arrest the man for theft, the suspect put the vehicle into reverse and accelerated over a curb, across a lawn and over several shrubs. Constable Plunkett was trapped between the open door and the vehicle as the suspect continued to reverse. Constable Plunkett was pinned between the open driver’s side door and the vehicle as it struck a tree. He was thrown from the vehicle as the suspect continued to reverse across the lawn. Officers assisting rammed the vehicle to stop its progress. The suspect exited the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene but was quickly arrested by one of the surveillance officers. The second suspect who had been driving the white Honda also attempted to flee but was arrested nearby. Constable Plunkett was rushed to Scarborough Grace Hospital where he tragically succumbed to the injuries he sustained as a result of this incident.